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26. June 2019
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12. July 2019

‘Summer of Love’ in PalaisPopulaire

VW Bullies in hippie look

From the end of June until the 28th of October you can admire the exhibition “Summer of Love: art, fashion, and rock and roll” in the PalaisPopulaire, directly Unter den Linden. Against the backdrop of the hippie movement, which peaked in 1967, when hundreds of thousands streamed to San Francisco, this politically and culturally significant year comes to life in the Palais Populaire. Designed by the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, the show features over 150 objects and documents from legendary summer 67. These include psychedelic art, iconic rock posters, flower power, rare photographs, and album covers. In addition, especially for the occasion, the Light Show was reconstructed by musician Bill Ham († 2016). So concerts by bands like Grateful Dead or Jefferson Airplane become multimedia, multi-sensory events.

All further information about opening times, tickets etc. you find here.

Line: Best of Berlin Tour
Stop: 12
Address: PalaisPopulaire, Unter den Linden 5, 10117 Berlin
Website: https://www.db-palaispopulaire.de/en/summeroflove.htm

Have a good time!