Fifty unknown facts about Berlin (part 1) • City Tour Berlin - Gray Line
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6. September 2019
Fifty unknown facts about Berlin (part 2)
23. September 2019

Fifty unknown facts about Berlin (part 1)

Berlin from above

A total of 50 unknown facts about the capital we will present you the following weeks in the categories: about Berlin, lifestyle & culture and on the way. Today is part 1!

Part 1: About Berlin

Did you already know that …

  • Berlin has more museums than rainy days a year?
  • Berlin
    • with 1,700 bridges and
    • 180 km of fairway has more than Venice in total?
  • in 2015 the Berliners have mentioned on Twitter #Hipster 314 times?
  • In 1848 smoking was banned on the streets and today 2.9 billion cigarettes on the streets of Berlin?
  • of 1,000 Spätis (kiosks) in Berlin around 70% are Turkish?
  • there are about 100,000 registered dogs in Berlin?
  • from Berlin many inventions of everyday life come from? Such as the computer or the toilet pressure rinse?
  • the SOS Morse emergency signal was agreed in 1906 in Berlin?
  • about 49% of the population of Berlin are single?
  • from one district into another 18 removals per hour take place?
  • a Berliner lives in the same apartment for an average of 13 years?
  • nationwide Berliners at least have the fears of the future?

Find out more about Berlin and the people who live here in the next blog post. Do you know maybe interesting facts about Berlin and the people here? Share it with us on Instagram.