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Fifty unknown facts about Berlin (part 1)
16. September 2019
Fifty unknown facts about Berlin (part 3)
30. September 2019

Fifty unknown facts about Berlin (part 2)

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A total of 50 unknown facts about the capital we will present you in the categories: about Berlin, lifestyle & culture and on the way. Today is part 2!

Part 2: Lifestyle & Culture

Did you already know that …

  • Berlins buskers only can play music in 42 of the 173 Berlin underground stations and …
    • in subway stations no longer than 1 hour and
    • in pedestrian zones don’t play music for more than 15 minutes?
  • that a damage of 35 million euros a year is caused by graffiti?
  • In Berlin clubs going every weekend around 40,000 to 50,000 people for dancing?
  • you can rent a Berlin museum for 8,000 € to 20,000 € to organize a party?
  • at events such as fan miles and street parties land in total 20,000 tons of party waste annually on the streets of Berlin?
  • Galeries Lafayette has a gold vending machine and bars up to 250 grams are sold there?
  • every 5,840. Inhabitant of the capital is millionaire? There are 585 millionaires in Berlin.
  • in Berlin around 950 kebab skewers are consumed per day? This results in 950 spits à 63 kg = 60 tons of döner meat.
  • about 70 million curry sausages are eaten every year and a currywurst with french fries has 825 kilocalories?
  • Berliners also eat beside döner, currywurst and hamburger very healthy. On menu are fish, bread and cereal products as well as non-alcoholic drinks.
  • the international beer festival with 2.2 km is the longest beer garden in the world?
  • there is the only vegan sex shop in Germany located in Berlin-Kreuzberg?

Find out more about Berlin and the people who live here in the next blog post. Do you know maybe interesting facts about Berlin and the people here? Share it with us on Instagram.