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Fifty unknown facts about Berlin (part 2)
23. September 2019

Fifty unknown facts about Berlin (part 3)

Brandenburger Tor

A total of 50 unknown facts about the capital we will present you in the categories: about Berlin, lifestyle & culture and on the way. Today is part 3!

Part 3: On the way

Did you already know that …

  • 494,400 foreigners from 185 nations live in Berlin?
  • 1/4 of the inhabitants of Berlin are real Berliners?
  • from 2010 to 2013, the number of overnight stays increased from 20.7 million to 26.7 million?
  • every day 435 people move to Berlin and 327 people move away from Berlin?
  • 33% of tourists in Kreuzberg feel disturbed, while 88% of Berliners do not have any major problems with tourists there?
  • in Berlin about 1290 BVG vehicles cover 300,000 km in 198 lines (153 of them during the day and 62 at night) every day. For each day that means 8.7 times around the earth?!
  • about 1/3 of the prisoners sit down for dodgy driving?
  • the S-Bahn ring has the shape of the head of a Basset Hounds dog?
  • the S-Bahn comes about 200 days too late in the year?
  • There is always a public transport stop within 500 meters?
  • 1/5 of the disruptions to the 365 escalators of the BVG occur because someone has fun pressed the emergency stop button?
  • you can drive with 11 BVG night buses to the front of your own door?
  • the central station has 17 toilet bowls for 300,000 passengers?
  • one of the 302 B towers is still open to visitors?
  • The 1.3 km long East Side Gallery is painted with 101 paintings by artists from 21 different countries?

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